Nuna Pipa vs. Chicco KeyFit 30

Product Review: Nuna Pipa vs. Chicco KeyFit30

How do you pick the right car seat for your baby when you don't even know how big or small they're going to be? Firstly, research, research, research. Then, find out where they sell your products (hopefully you can find a baby store that has both that you're mulling over on display.)

When I was pregnant, I was torn between the Nuna Pipa and the Chicco KeyFit 30. Both of them were on the list, and highly top safety picks. But when it came to practicality, which I always am, I chose the KeyFit 30 because of price point. I figured I wasn't sure when I was going to have a 2nd baby, and carseats do come with an expiration date. But sometimes being practical doesn't mean you're sensible. 

Because I had an Amazon Registry, I was able to give back the KeyFit 30 and I ended up splurging on the Nuna Pipa. One of the reasons I hesitated with originally buying the Nuna Pipa was the KeyFit 30 got the higher score on the crash test safety ratings.  But when it came down to actual usage, my 7 pound baby always looked unhappy and squished in the actual bucket seat of the KeyFit 30. Alayna constantly whined while in it. Not to mention, her head constantly sagged in the KeyFit 30 and I had to buy a newborn insert. 

Plus, I found that the mechanism to remove the car seat very difficult to maneuver. The seat would pretty much get stuck to the base, even when we tried to release it. It frustrated both my husband and I. (If I remember correctly, the mechanism was located in an awkward spot on the KeyFit 30, at the bottom of the base. This made it hard to click the mechanism to remove the seat because the front passenger seat got in the way in my car). Removing Alayna quickly was pivotal because she was born in the winter and we wanted to get her inside as fast as possible.

When I decided to finally return the KeyFit 30, mainly because of the frustration at the locking mechanism, I was happier with my choice. Firstly, installation of the base is really easy. Parents are already preoccupied with their baby, and our time is so limited that having a base that's easy to install already takes away half the worry. Plus, the locking mechanism is located on the actual car seat which made removing the seat from the base a breeze.

I also loved the little extras we got: the Pipa comes with 2 padded shoulder cushions, ensuring your baby's neck and cheeks won't be bothered by the straps. Alayna's head was more secure. It also included a cushion to block the locking mechanism of the harness from hurting the baby. Plus, it has an extended canopy, looks sleek, and the bucket has a lot of space for baby to manuever. 

The canopy itself on the Nuna should be mentioned separately. Not only is it an extended canopy, but it has two straps on the canopy that connect to the base of the seat through a magnet to shield the baby from extra sunlight when they're sleeping. Alayna Summer is the type of baby who always awoke with light, so having this canopy was a complete life saver!

Remember, baby will be occupying this seat until they're about 7-8 months (depending on the size of your baby). The Nuna Pipa's Height and Weight Restrictions (always double check this on the manufacturers website) is: 4 to 32 pounds, and 32 inches tall. The KeyFit 30 is 30 pounds and 30 inches (hence the name). 

Chicco KeyFit 30Nuna Pipa - CaviarNuna Pipa - Caviar

At the end of the day, you can also go along the route of getting a convertible car seat. But that makes it harder since you may not want to wake your sleeping baby when taking them out of the car, and with convertible car seats you have to do just that. But with a bucket seat, you can take a sleeping baby out by releasing the seat from the base, with baby being relatively undisturbed. 

There are plenty of other great seats out there, make sure to go with one that's compatible with your stroller and meets safety standards! I've read reviews about most car seats out there so if you have any questions, feel free to connect!




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