Product Review: Homiee Baby Monitor

There are so many baby monitors out there, and they vary in price range. So how do you choose the right one for you?

I started off with a Philips Avent baby monitor, and I must say it did the job until Alayna started to get mobile. It gave me the perfect angle, it told me the temperature, and I could see and hear Alayna, even if I was dead in my sleep.

But when Alayna started to get mobile, it became really hard to find her in this one spot in her crib. So I started looking into getting a monitor that had a 2 (or more) camera capability. I wanted to make sure that I knew where she was if I heard a sound in my sleep, considering she's an acrobat when she's asleep.

So I started my google search on the best monitors, and I already had one so I didn't want to spend over $400 getting all the little gimmicks I no longer needed. I'm pretty practical, but sometimes I'm a little too practical. Maybe if I started off with the most expensive with all the bell's and whistle's I wouldn't have had to look into another. But again, the Philips Avent Monitor did everything right for 8 months. 

While looking through google, then Amazon Canada, and Amazon US (where I read reviews since there are usually more people commenting on that!) I stumbled upon this little high-tech looking "Homiee" baby monitor. Reviews were stellar! The camera usability seemed easy enough, and it had a big enough screen for my now, getting-worse, eyesight.

So I made the jump, and I bought it. The coolest part was that you could attach up to 4 monitors with one base, not that I need anything but 2 right now, but I like the wiggle room!

The packaging was really nice, and opening it out of the box and setting up was really easy to use! The docking station had to charge for a few hours before using it for the first time. Setting up the 2nd camera was pretty easy as well. 

Okay so true First Impressions...

Screen was massive, which is amazing! Everything was simple on the actual face of the camera. There's a few buttons, Menu, which will give you a bunch of settings for you to mess with. Cam, for you to switch between cameras, Short-Cut, & Talk. Shortcut was a little tricky, but that was where I realized you could make it loud/soft. Talk is the ability to talk to your loved one through the camera without actually going in.

Camera quality was absolutely fantastic, super clear. But my favorite part of the monitor is the 4 arrows you could use to move the camera side to side, or up and down without actually going into the room! That was something I had trouble with when it came to the Philips Avent monitor. I hated going in to fix the camera angle when it was displaced. 

Menu came with a lot of options, it has a sound detection so if you sleep really deeply, you can adjust it to be sensitive to sounds and it'll sound an alarm. It has a feeding reminder, so great for newborns! Temperature alarm, which is great as well if you live in warmer or colder climate. And other features.

But after having it for a couple of months now...

There are a few things I would say need to be fixed. The alarm sensitivity to sound is a bit faulty. It sometimes went off for no reason. Plus, I have a sound machine on so sometimes the sensitivity would go off for that. The actual battery life on the monitor is HORRIBLE, unfortunately. For as great as this camera is with other features, the battery life needs to be completely improved. I feel as if I need to keep it plugged in the entire day.

The volume button should definitely be improved. I do wake up when I hear Alayna crying still, but I still feel like it needs to be raised a little bit. Plus, there needs to be easier access to it. Putting in the shortcuts is great, but it was hard to figure out how to make the volume higher. 

Overall, I would say ratings wise, it's an 8/10. Which is still pretty high. But there definitely needs to be some major improvements! What type of baby monitor do you have? Do you recommend it? Drop a note below! 


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