Product Review: Joovy Qool Stroller

How do you choose a stroller when there's so many out there? 

You definitely have to start by choosing a car seat first, and a budget. Strollers of today are more kid friendly than they used to be, and certainly they're more fashionable. But there's a lot to consider before choosing a stroller, which includes a price point. 

Strollers today can cost you anywhere between $600 - $1,300 depending on the type of stroller you choose. If you plan on having multiple kids, a travel stroller is definitely the way to go. But there are also so many different travel strollers out there, so how do you pick?

I did a lot of research into my stroller, and just when I thought I was going to select one...I changed my decision entirely! So here's how I came down to choosing the Joovy Qool Stroller for Alayna, a stroller that I think is truly underrated!

Firstly, when researching of course, I asked all my friends which strollers they had and recommended. Most picked between the UppaBaby Vista and the City Select or City Select Lux. Looking at parent guides online, those two were also highly rated by companies that sell baby products. After looking at both, I finally thought I was going to go with the City Select Lux.

So first of all, how did I make this decision? Well, price point certainly had to do with it. Amongst other features, the City Select Lux had a nice brake that you could maneuver with your hand, and it was still compact. And the undercarriage was bigger than the UppaBaby, which is always useful. I even went into our local baby store and looked at the City Select Stroller. I liked it, but I'll definitely say I wasn't 100% in love. 

Then one day, when going over a review on YouTube, the Joovy Qool popped up under recommended videos and the second I saw the stroller, it hit every target Metric for me. Firstly, the price was decent. Secondly, it looked like a beautiful, modern stroller, I liked the Black and Silver sleek look of it. The undercarriage was big, and quite comparable to the City Select Lux and to top it off, the canopy could be extended, which I LOVED!

Now, I know we don't get much sun here in Canada until it's summer, but our weather is extreme. We have cold winters, and hot summers. Since I figuredwe would be more social with Alayna, and would take more walks around the city, I loved that it had an extended canopy (see my reviews on the Nuna and you'll know I'm a sucker for the extended canopies!). That plus the big undercarriage, the price point, and the fact that they had all the similar accessories to the UppaBaby Vista at a better price point sealed the deal for me. 

My only warnings since using the Joovy that I would recommend parents take caution with is the size. Even folded, the Joovy is a little less compact than I would've hoped, but I have a pretty big trunk so transporting that is easy. It's just good to keep in mind. The other thing I would pay attention to is which car seats the Qool is compatible with, you can find the Link on the Joovy website here.

Now of course, the UppaBaby Vista, The City Select/Lux, and The Joovy Qool are not the only travel strollers out there. There are others, my suggestion is you do your research on them though. Look at things such as the material of the wheels (it does make a difference!), the accessories you can get for the stroller, and how well multiple seats fit in terms of space and comfort for your baby. 

I have read reviews on most of them, so if you have any questions feel free to connect!



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