Product Review: Lovevery "The Senser" 5-6 Month Box

My husband signed us up for the Lovevery boxes when Alayna was 5 months. I was skeptical, but read on to see my full review!

As adults, we don't even remember learning how to use our fingers to pick up little foods and be able to aim them into our mouths. But when we have babies, we're reminded that we have to build their motor skills. 

The nice thing about Lovevery, was that the point of this box was to help parents take the burden off parents from discovering, researching, and choosing the appropriate toys for helping build those motorskills. 

It's super convenient to get a box delivered every 2 months or so, with toys that are ready to go. Each box comes with a roadmap of which toys to start with, and a handy book that begins by telling parents what toys to begin with and when. It then continues to highlight what your baby should be doing in terms of milestones.

For example, at 5 months, baby should be able to turn quickly towards new sounds and bring their hands together. Keep in mind, if your baby isn't doing this at 5 months, that's ok. It just reminds you that it is something they will need to work on and the Lovevery toys will help you do just that!

The guidebook continues to show you each toy, and how to use it. What strength it builds, and why you should do it. This is a great overview to help you understand little things you need to work on. And if the toys don't work, or baby seems uninterested you can always find and utilize a different way to help them bring this strength.

What I mean is - if baby isn't yet bringing their hands together, you can always help them learn how away from the toys, by let's say making them learn to clap. Once they understand this fundamental tool, they might then be more interested in the actual toy! 

The box for 5-6 months is called "The Senser" because at around 5 months, baby should be hitting certain sensory milestones.

Baby should be following an object with their eyes, they should be able to follow sounds/turn to sounds especially when it comes to voices they know. They should also respond to you by making sounds and moving their arms and legs, and smile and laugh when you smile and laugh. 

Other milestones include, holding an object briefly in their hands, reaching for an object when in the sitting position, make noise at toys and people, lift their head and chest to support themselves on their forearms, hold their hands above their chest when they're laying on their back, and hold their head steady. 

The lovevery box is aimed to help achieve those milestones!

Parts of Me Book

The first item to begin with, is the Sensory Book "Parts of me" which includes babies and kids displaying a part of the body. The point is to help babies understand language.

So if the book displays mouth, parent is supposed to point to baby's mouth and then their mouth. Building language is important, so too is why we read babies books from an early age. Alayna would only sit still for this when she was in her high chair, but it certainly did help her understand language. Now at 9 months, when I tell her to clap her hands, or point to her toes, she knows exactly how to do that. 

Montessori Ball

Next, is learning how to play ball. The point of this bright orange ball is to get baby to be able to reach for, grasp, grip, and squeeze the ball. It'll teach them how objects move, and how to utilize their hands. This will enable them to pick up finer objects, such as food. 

Getting baby to move the ball from one hand to another is also an important skill. Building these motor functions now will only ensure your baby grows well. Alayna absolutely loved, and still loves the orange ball. She bit on it, threw it, rolled it, and it absolutely thrilled her. It still is one of her favorite toys to use today. 

Find my Feet Socks

I had bought something like this for Alayna previously, when she was around 3 months. It wrapped around her ankles, and rattled. But she loved the socks more, because she would continuously try to grab the little balls at the end of them. The point of this is to show her how her legs work. If she moves her legs, it'll amount to something. And if your baby is trying to pull the socks off, that's perfectly fine because that also helps build a fine motor skill!

Baby at this point, is learning that their feet do something and that they can control it. By putting rattles at the end of it, baby will be discovering that their feet make fun noises. This will also help baby's legs get stronger and be able to control her body more.

Tummy Time Wobbler

Baby needs loads of tummy time to be able to build their core muscles to be able to crawl and later walk. The wobbler is something for them to try to catch, as it falls over to one side. Baby will learn how to reach, bat, and capture the wobbler. 

Don't be too hard on baby, capturing a moving object, especially for them is extremely difficult and fine skill to learn. But it will help baby's brain work to plan how to capture it, and utilize their ability to control and grasp using their hands and fingers. It will also build strength in their back, shoulders, and neck as they reach to get it.

Alayna understood the concept of the wobbler pretty quickly which was great. But thanks to the orange ball, she also found it super entertaining to throw objects. Tummy time wobbler ended up becoming her next object to throw. Warning, it is heavy and does hurt...

The Tissue Box

Babies absolutely LOVE pulling tissues out of a tissue box. So I was so happy I didn't have to deal with the mess, or worry about Alayna putting tissues into her mouth. This skill will allow a baby to understand that objects can go inside, and be taken out of another object. This will also help baby practice using their fingers to grasp and pull.

Parents are supposed to have baby begin learning this skill by starting them off on their tummy, and eventually when they're sitting without falling over doing it while they're sitting. The goal is to get baby to understand that objects can fit inside, and come out of the tissue box. And to help baby learn how to do it themselves. 

Alayna still loves using the tissue box, and it helps that they're all designed with beautiful patterns and colors that keeps her entertained for hours. But she's smart enough to not want to do the hard work and more often than not leaves the stuffing of the tissues for Mommy or Daddy to do!

The Spinning Color Wheel

We love the spinning color wheel for many reasons. 1) it makes noise 2) it has bright colors 3) it spins. Alayna is usually entertained for hours with this toy! The point of this toy is that at 5 months baby will be able to reach out for something they want. The colors and noise will help baby feel enticed to reach out and use their hands.

During tummy time, show baby how to use it. Baby will eventually push up on their hands to get a better view. At 6 months, baby will learn to pivot on their belly. You can help support them by holding baby at their trunk. 

Apart from using the wheel for these purposes, since Alayna had already learned how to sit at about 5 months, I would name the colors out for her everytime the color wheel stopped at a certain color. I would point, and say the color name loudly and slowly for her to understand. 

Overall, as first time parents we enjoy getting the lovevery boxes because they help us enable Alayna's learning process.

While we supplement by using other methods as well, such as giving Alayna finger foods that are broken into tiny pieces to pick up and eat, the Lovevery Toys provide entertainment while also giving us the comfort to know that she's learning and building skills as well.

The other thing I loved about the Lovevery guide book was that it also provided some other supplementary things to do with baby. Like help them learn how to turn on and turn off light switches. Again, little things we as adults take for granted but help baby learn how things work and operate.

I would definitely recommend getting the Lovevery Boxes for your kid. But if it's a steep price point for you, I will be creating another post on how to make/use some of these toys at home in another blog post! Stay tuned!

Do you have lovevery? What did you think? Drop a line below & let me know your thoughts!


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