Making Your Bed Daily: Accomplishing Tasks

Sometimes it's really easy to be a mom and get overwhelmed with everything you have to do. One of the many ways I try to mitigate getting overwhelmed is making lists, and including smaller tasks to be accomplished on those lists.

Do you make your bed everyday? People who make their beds daily tend to be able to conquer more tasks in a day. Why is that? Because it gives your brain a sense of relief that something has been accomplished, even if it is even as menial as making your bed. 

I personally used to not make my bed, much to the horror of my mom and younger brother who still make their bed so well that it looks like you're in a hotel. I never used to understand the concept of making my bed if I was just going to get in it later, until I started to do it everyday. I noticed what a difference it made on my day when I woke up, and made my bed first. It created overcame a mental block that made me feel as if I had already accomplished one thing in my day. 

By completing one task, I was now already in the mindset of getting things done, and accomplishing another. Right now, more than ever, being stuck in a different situation such as a pandemic, we all need a way to feel more accomplished. Making your bed daily can be one of those. 

Using the pandemic to better ourselves can be a long-term project we work on. There's always ways to improve ourselves and our daily habits. Being tidy and organized can also help you rest easier. Getting into a bed that's neatly organized will give you a sense of relief and the ability to have a better nights sleep.

Try it for 2 weeks, and be sure to tag @rrbabyco on instagram or twitter if you partake in this 2 week challenge. Use the Hash Tag: #reesesmakeyourbedchallenge when uploading a story or picture!

Let me know what you thought about your experience making your bed down below!


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