Weight Loss Journey

When I first started gaining weight in my pregnancy, it was very difficult for me to wrap my head around.

I've been athletic since I was a kid, always playing outdoors. I wasn't always slim, but I was always active. When my pregnancy began, gaining weight instead of eating clean was a mindset I had to wrap my head around. All in all, I gained 25 pounds in my pregnancy. See below for me ready to pop, in my 3rd trimester.

Me in my 3rd Trimester

I hated pregnancy because I wasn't in control. I wasn't in control of the way I looked, what I weighed, how hungry I was, how bloated I became, and how I felt. The nausea in the first trimester was a killer (I can't eat tofu anymore because of it!).

Knowing myself, though, I wanted to lose the weight quickly. Because if I didn't, I knew I would be struggling to lose the weight afterwards. So I began my weightloss journey as soon as my baby was born. I didn't "diet" per se, I ate cleaner. I knew that by breastfeeding, I would need to provide my baby with important nutrients. So I began with Chicken soups and eliminated any of the junk food that I loved to eat in pregnancy (bye-bye chips ahoy!)

This was me before pregnancy!

Once baby was a few months old, that's when I really began the weight loss journey. I incorporated a lot of salads + protein, and downloaded an app to track my calories. If I craved something sweet, I would allow myself to only be "bad" once a week. On other days, I would resort to fruits and flavored greek yogurts with some granola and chocolate chips.

5 months after baby, I was back to prebirth weight. If you stick with it, and remember that it's only temporary, you can lose the weight too. Whether this means pregnancy weight, or any additional weight gain you're trying to remove. 

Stay strong, meet your goals but remember to be moderate. Allow yourself one day to have that meal you're craving and that dessert you've been thinking about all day!

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