Meet Raeesa

 Thanks for coming to my page! I'm a passionate Mom, who is constantly reading and asking my consortium of friends their advice on all things baby. I lost my post-baby weight 5 months after having her, and I study skincare processes, and work in skincare.

My page will be dedicated to helping people make healthier choices, and stay motivated on their health loss journey. While also providing new mama's advice, techniques, and other child-related information. I will also update you on procedures and provide skincare tips to help you feel like yourself again (maybe even an improved version!) 

Remember, as a new mama, your body just delivered and brought into this world a human! First thing you should do, is pat yourself on the back and make sure to find some "me" time before you get overwhelmed. That may mean pumping, and giving your significant other or family member a bottle to feed your little one while getting some rest. Or it may mean, sleep training them in the future so you and baby can get the rest you need.

Preventing yourself from getting overwhelmed will help prevent you from feeling those postpartum blues, while also ensuring your journey into motherhood is met with happiness and not turmoil. I hope you'll continue to join me by subscribing to my newsletters! I promise not to spam you!

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