Baby Sleep Training Guide

Are you interested in sleep training but feeling apprehensive? Purchase and Download my sleep training guide "Getting Baby to Zzz..." and learn 3 different methods of getting your baby to sleep through the night. 

Not comfortable with getting baby to cry to sleep? Read the guide and understand the logic behind sleep training and learn a different technique to get baby to sleep. 

Proceeds of the e-book go back into the community, specifically to helping feed, clothe, and provide for moms and babies in rural areas of different countries receive the help they need!

Sleep Training is one of the most difficult parts for mom and baby. My guide will take you on a step-by-step journey in order to help you get comfortable sleep training your baby. You may read through the guide and still be mulling over whether sleep training is right for you.

When I was sleep training Alayna, it took me 2 weeks to read about the different methods of sleep training. I was so apprehensive to do it, but Alayna took to it very quickly. 

Once she was sleep trained, I felt like a completely different person! It made the day seem more manageable knowing I was going to have some free time to myself once she was asleep. Alayna was also in a better mood, and eventually learned to nap as well. 

Sleep training is very hard conceptually, but once implemented it makes a world of difference for both mom and baby. Baby's need sleep to grow, and mothers need sleep to function, and to get past the postpartum phase. Don't wait to sleep train your baby!

Proceeds to the digital download of my ebook go to charity. I intend on raising a good human being, who knows that she should be able to help other people if she has the ability to.